Phil Smith, Manager of Fleet and Facility Maintenance

Phil Smith, Manager of Fleet and Facility Maintenance

psmith [at] (psmith[at]coastbus[dot]org)
(603) 743-5777
, Ext. 111

What is your role at COAST?

My role here at COAST is to manage the operation and activities of the maintenance department  to provide leadership and direction to COAST maintenance staff that insure our facilities and vehicles are maintained to a standard that allow us to safely deliver high quality public transportation services to the general public.

What is your first memory of public transit?

I did not have much of an opportunity to use public transportation growing up, so I would have to say that my first memory of using public transit would be riding the bus to the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) in Boston on my way to basic training.

What is something unique about you?

I developed a passion for working on trucks (then later on buses) at an early age from my father who would take me to work with him on Saturdays mornings when I was a boy. He was a shop manager for a company that operated a fleet of milk trucks; I spent the early years of my career working and learning from him. He was truly a great mechanic and mentor.

What is something you love about your career?

What I love about my career is seeing the progression of technology permeate through the heavy truck & bus industry. Today there are many vehicle systems and electronic controls that help make the vehicles we operate safer, fuel efficient, and cleaner for the environment, than at any time in our past.

What is one thing everyone should know about COAST?

COAST is a dynamic organization that is continually striving to deliver the very best in customer focused public transportation to the cities and towns we serve with an unwavering commitment to excellence in safety and service.