Lost & Found

COAST vehicles, bus shelters, and bus stops are public spaces. On occasion, people using these public spaces leave personal items behind. If you left something on the bus, call us at (603) 743-5777. We'll need to know what you lost, when you lost it, and what bus route you were on (if you know). 

If you believe you have lost or misplaced your personal belonging(s) on a COAST vehicle or at a COAST bus stop or shelter, please do the following:

  • Call or text COAST at (603) 743-5777, Option 3 during normal business hours and provide a detailed description of the missing item(s).
  • Once you confirm COAST has your lost item(s), schedule a day and time to collect your item(s) from COAST’s Administrative Office.
  • Be prepared to show photo ID when retrieving your item(s).

All Lost and Found items must be picked up from COAST’s Administrative Office located at 6 Sumner Dover, NH 03820. (603) 743-5777, Option 3. Lost items will not be sent back out on vehicles for retrieval. 

COAST claims no responsibilities for lost items, and does not hold items longer than 14 days. Please check for all your belongings before you leave the bus. Some of the most common lost items are bicycles left on the bike rack, and umbrellas left on rainy days.

Office Phone Number:  (603) 743-5777, Option 3
Office Location:  6 Sumner Drive, Dover, NH
Hours:  By Appointment Only
Days:  Monday - Friday

Lost & Found Policy