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The Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation, more commonly known as COAST, is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization and an innovative leader in providing a broad range of public transportation services, connecting and coordinating a robust network of options for everyone.

COAST's annual operating budget ranges between $7.5 and 8.0 million. As a nonprofit, COAST's budget is funded through a blend of sources, including federal, state, and local sources. Federal funding is generally required to be matched with state or local funds, most of which COAST secures through the municipalities we provide service within, charitable contributions from businesses, individuals, and foundations as well as through specific service agreements, and advertising on the buses and in the bus shelters.

Supporting Equal Access and Driving the Economy

Everyone deserves access to opportunity. Since 1982, COAST has provided over 16 million rides to people in the Greater Seacoast region, linking them to work, school, doctor appointments, shopping, and social events.

High housing prices and low vacancy rates in the rental market are increasing the distance between economic opportunity and the communities where people can afford to live. COAST connects our Seacoast workforce and the businesses that employ them.

COAST's annual local economic impact is estimated at $31 million currently (FY24). This figure includes COAST's direct, indirect, and induced effects on spending, as well as the economic impact of access provided by our services. Every dollar invested in COAST, whether by riders at the farebox or by towns that COAST serves, generates approximately $4.08 of activity in the local economy*

* As found by a 2021 Economic Impact Study conducted by the Strafford Regional and Rockingham Planning Commissions.

Promoting Independence for Seniors

Operating in the second oldest state in the US, COAST plays a critical role in helping seniors to maintain their independence longer. By providing transportation options beyond driving, COAST keeps people connected to their communities and the services they rely on for support as they grow older.

Fostering Regional Connectivity

COAST is recognized as a critical partner by social service agencies across the Seacoast. By providing the transportation link between health, social, and other support services, COAST ensures that everyone can access the opportunities they need to succeed.

Taking Care of the Climate

In the past year approximately 291,000 trips were taken on COAST operated buses and vans, avoiding an estimated 1,962,102 miles of car travel, and saving 755 tons (1.5 million lbs.) of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

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COAST is an innovative leader in providing a broad range of public transportation services, connecting and coordinating a robust network of transportation options for everyone.


  • We treat everyone with respect, kindness, and compassion, and as we would like to be treated. 
  • We conduct ourselves professionally and with integrity.
  • We are responsible for our actions and accountable to each other. 
  • We are good stewards of the public’s trust.
  • We welcome and encourage respectful, honest, constructive communication in the organization. 
  • Our open door policy encourages all staff to express concerns, share ideas and information, and provide feedback.
  • We actively communicate our decisions. 
  • We follow through on our plans and intentions. 
  • We regularly question "the way we have always done things" and encourage creativity and innovation. 
  • We do not accept today’s best as tomorrow’s limitations. 
  • We celebrate our individual and organizational successes.


  • We ensure a welcoming and helpful environment resulting in positive experiences for our passengers. 
  • We are committed to changing perceptions to ensure that public transportation is widely accepted as a reliable, comfortable, convenient mode of choice for everybody. 
  • We actively engage our stakeholders in collaborative efforts to be responsive to the region’s changing needs. 
  • We promote fiscal stewardship of public transportation. 
  • We ensure that our fleet of vehicles is well maintained. 
  • We encourage an environment where employees’ feedback is integral to our shared success. 
  • We support ongoing professional development and training. 
  • We maintain open communication between and among all levels of staff. 
  • We conduct ourselves with fiscal integrity and transparency that respects the taxpayers and the municipalities that we serve. 
  • We serve southeastern New Hampshire and surrounding areas