COAST is committed to providing public transportation options that are accessible to everyone. All COAST services are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If materials needed to be provided in another format, please contact our office (603) 743-5777 and a staff member can either directly help you with your request, or get you to another staff member who can provide the assistance you need.

Bus System Accessibility Features 

Wheelchair and Mobility Aid Accessible

All vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and are equipped with either a ramp or a lift. Bus drivers will assist in securing your wheelchair or mobility aid to the vehicle to ensure safe transportation. In addition, lap belts and shoulder belts are available at all wheelchair positions for those interested in the extra protection. 

Low Floor, Kneeling Buses for Easy Entry

All full-sized buses "kneel" or lower themselves to make the initial step into the vehicle easier. 

No-Step Boarding Option

If you are unable to climb any steps, simply ask the driver if they can put out the ramp or lift for you. You do not need to give a reason: the driver will simply provide the ramp or lift to allow you to board the vehicle with no steps. 

Audible Stop Announcements

Major stops will be audibly announced to assist those with vision impairments understand where the bus is and when the bus arrives at your stop. If you would like your stop announced, simply tell the driver which stop you would like announced. The driver will make sure to announce that stop.

Bus Stop Amenities

COAST works with local communities to install bus shelters and benches at many bus stops, as well as advocate for sidewalks, crosswalks, and other roadway features that make it easier and safer to access transit. Ultimately, these features are the responsibility of each local community, and not COAST.

All COAST vehicles are handicap accessible like this one

Reasonable Accommodation 

COAST will make reasonable modifications/accommodations to policies, practices, and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure that our programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities. To make a Reasonable Modification Request, please contact:

Michael Williams, Director of Operations

Telephone: (603) 743-5777, Ext. 101

E-mail: mwilliams [at] (mwilliams[at]coastbus[dot]org)

Requests may be reviewed by the following COAST staff: Fixed-Route Supervisors, Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources & Compliance. 

For more information, please see the full Reasonable Modification Policy & Procedures.

Reasonable Modification Policy & Procedures

ADA Complementary Paratransit

If, despite these accessibility features, you find you are unable to use the bus system due to a disability, COAST operates an origin-to-destination ADA Complementary Paratransit service which is designed to offer equivalent service to the bus system. If you qualify for this service, a bus or van will come to your location, the driver can assist you into the vehicle, take you to your destination, and assist you out of the vehicle. You will likely be sharing the vehicle with other customers, and will likely not have a direct ride to your destination (just like on a fixed route bus). This service is operated under regulations included in the Americans with Disabilities Act, and has its own eligibility, policies, and fares. For more information about this service, please visit our ADA Complementary Paratransit services page.

ADA Complementary Paratransit services