Partnering with COAST

COAST's growth is based on partnering with our municipalities, state agencies, local businesses and area organizations to collaboratively work to bring new public transit services to the region and promote existing services.

Recent examples of successful partnerships that have allowed COAST to expand beyond our core services include the following:

Service Partnerships

  • Portsmouth Senior Transportation - a partnership between the City of Portsmouth and COAST
  • Portsmouth-Pease Trolley services (Rtes. 40/41) - a partnership between the City of Portsmouth, Pease Development Authority and COAST that have evolved into important parts of COAST's overall regional system
  • Expanded Dover services (Rte. 33) - a partnership between the City of Dover, Strafford County and COAST that has evolved into an important part of COAST's overall regional system
  • Route 100 - a partnership between the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and COAST
  • Willand Pond Emergency Warming Shelter - a partnership between COAST, the agency operating the shelter, the Tri-cities, and Strafford County.

Community Partnerships

  • Parades, events, and festivals
  • Regional emergency drills and first responder training

Marketing Partnerships

  • We're On The Route joint marketing campaign - a partnership between over 80 local area businesses and service organizations and COAST

Strategic Partnerships

  • Alliance for Community Transportation (ACT) - southeastern NH's regional transportation coordination council working to expand and improve community transportation services in the region.
  • CommuteSMART Seacoast - the Greater Seacoast's transportation management association (TMA) dedicated to promoting sustainable commuting options such as carpooling, taking transit, bicycling, walking, and teleworking.


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