Customer Code of Conduct

COAST's Revised Customer Code of Conduct was approved by the COAST Board of Directors on August 24, 2022


To provide safe, comfortable, and reliable services, COAST has developed this Customer Code of Conduct to outline the type of behavior and cargo permitted on COAST vehicles, in COAST bus shelters, and in COAST facilities. COAST welcomes everyone to ride and encourages everyone to do so in a courteous manner. Enforcement of these standards is critical to maintaining a welcoming environment.

All Customers are Expected to:

  • Pay the proper fare using a valid ticket, pass, or cash.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the public, including clothing that prevents indecent exposure and covers the bottoms of feet.
  • Show acceptable ID or documentation if required for the type of fare being paid.
  • Cooperate with the driver, or other COAST employee, seeking to verify fare and otherwise enforce COAST policies.
  • Comply with requests from a COAST employee to change behavior on the bus.
  • Be courteous and respectful toward COAST employees, customers, and others associated with the service.
  • Be able to safely control themselves and any dependents or animals within their care.
  • Leave the bus if directed to do so by a COAST employee.
  • Follow COAST employee instructions in the event of an emergency.


COAST Customers are not permitted to do the following on any COAST vehicle, in any COAST bus shelter, in any COAST building, or when otherwise interacting with COAST services:

  • Smoking, Alcohol, and Illegal Substances

Smoke, vape, or carry any lighted tobacco product.

Expel the residue of any tobacco product, including chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. This includes spitting and breathing out smoke right after smoking.

Consume any alcoholic beverage or possess an open container of any alcoholic beverage.

Possess or use any unprescribed medications or illegal substances.

Sell any medications or illegal substances.


  • Language and Noise

Use profane language toward others.

Insult, demean, harass, or verbally attack COAST employees or other customers.

Using derogatory language or slurs towards or about COAST employees or customers, based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy and gender identity), marital status, familial status, age, genetic information, disability (physical or mental), or veteran status.

Sexually harass, overtly or through inuendo, COAST employees or customers.

Threaten COAST employees or other customers.

Engage in loud conversation that disturbs others.

Play any electronic device loudly that disturbs others.


  • Safety and Cleanliness

Physically assault COAST employees, customers, or any other person.

Carry, possess, or have within immediate access any dangerous weapon.

Litter on any COAST vehicle, property, bus stop, or adjoining property when waiting for or using COAST services.

Excrete any bodily fluid upon or at another person or object.

Give off a strong or pungent odor or carry materials which give off a strong or pungent odor which may be offensive or irritating to other customers or COAST employees.

Eat, except for small, contained snacks such as a granola bar.

Use or leave behind hypodermic needles.


  • Other

Ride without a destination, or for longer than necessary to reach your destination.

Loiter at bus stops when not waiting for a bus, or at a COAST building when not engaged in legitimate COAST business.

Vandalize any COAST vehicle or property.

Beg or solicit, including asking other customers to pay your fare or selling merchandise.

Engage in other obnoxious, disturbing, or disruptive behavior.

Engage in any illegal activity.


The following items may not be brought on a COAST vehicle or into a COAST building:

  • Food that is not in secure packaging (for example, groceries are okay, but a piece of pizza on an open plate is not).
  • Drinks not in a secure container (the container should be able to tip over without spilling).
  • Opened alcoholic beverages.
  • Any illegal substance.
  • Lit tobacco products.
  • An animal that is not a service animal without an appropriate carrier. Animals whose purpose is to assist a person with a disability (service animals) are permitted.
  • Any dangerous weapon (including firearms).
  • Bicycles, which may go on the bike rack if the vehicle has one and there is space available, but they may not go inside a COAST vehicle.
  • Large items that cannot be properly secured. The driver has sole discretion on whether a large item is permitted and/or properly secured.
  • Flammable liquid, combustible materials, lead-acid batteries, gasoline, kerosene, propane.

COAST reserves the right to not allow an item on a COAST vehicle, or in a COAST vehicle, at its sole discretion.


COAST permits people who are intoxicated to ride. However, those individuals are responsible to follow this Customer Code of Conduct. If intoxication results in any of the behaviors prohibited in this policy, that person will not be permitted to ride.

Consequences of Misconduct

Customers who violate COAST’s Customer Code of Conduct may be banned from riding. The length of the suspension will vary based on the severity of the violation.

COAST employees may immediately refuse service to any customer who does not comply with the Code of Conduct.

COAST reserves the right to identify the type of violation committed, including whether behavior is threatening, considered harassment, or otherwise violates this Customer Code of Conduct.

No Fare Reimbursement

Passengers who violate COAST’s Customer Code of Conduct, and are consequently banned from the service, are not eligible for reimbursement of their fare. This applies to both one-time fare paid for a ride and monthly passes which a longer ban may render unusable.

Misconduct Related to a Disability

Customers who violate the Customer Code of Conduct, but whose misconduct is the direct and immediate consequence of the customer’s disability, may have the following restrictions placed on them:

  • A customer may be required to ride with another individual who can assist them if this misconduct would have otherwise resulted in a suspension.
  • A customer may be subject to any reasonable adaptation that will ensure safety. This adaptation may last for a time sufficient to allow the customer time to learn appropriate behavior or the adaptation may be permanent if the misconduct continues.