Regional Economic Impact

COAST is a critical transportation resource and proven driver of the Seacoast economy. Since 1982, COAST has provided over 16 million rides to people in the Greater Seacoast region, linking them to work, school, doctor appointments, shopping, and social events.

COAST's annual local economic impact in FY24 is estimated at $31 million. This figure includes COAST's direct, indirect, and induced effects on spending, as well as the economic impact of access provided by our services.

A 2021 joint study by the Rockingham and Strafford Regional Planning Commissions on the Economic Benefits of COAST provides quantitative and qualitative insights into how our services impact the regional economy of the Greater Seacoast. The study concluded that every dollar invested in COAST public transportation services generates approximately $4.08 of activity in the local economy. 

As expressed in the Study through an extensive series of interviews with major employers, service sector employers, developers, and other professionals in healthcare, education, housing, and social services, COAST is an integral part of the interconnected Greater Seacoast region of New Hampshire.