Safety Tips

Waiting for the Bus

  • New England weather can be unpredictable. Riding the bus often entails walking and waiting outdoors; please dress accordingly and anticipate changes in the weather.
  • Try to wave when you see your bus approaching to let the bus driver know you're there.
  • If it's dark, try to wear light colored clothing, and wave a lit cell phone or flashlight to signal the bus driver. 

Winter Tips

  • Do not wait for the bus on top of snow banks. 
  • Do not climb over snow banks to board the bus. 
  • Wait in a cleared area, if possible. 

Boarding the Bus

  • If the bus is kneeling, wait until it's done moving before boarding. 
  • Step up into the bus intentionally. Even if the bus is knelt (lowered), it's a big step - please use the handrails to ensure safety.
  • After boarding, please take your seat as quickly as possible.

Winter Tips

  • The entry way of the bus may be slippery as a result of melted ice or snow. Step in cautiously, and use the handrails. 

Riding the Bus

  • Remember that this is a moving vehicle. Please stay seated, or maintain your handholds when standing, until the bus comes to a complete stop. 
  • Be prepared for the bus to stop abruptly. 
  • Please don't distract the driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Feel free to ask your driver questions when the bus is not in motion.
  • If you have to walk around the bus while it's moving, make sure you are holding on to a handrail or the backs of seats. Don't have your hands full of items while you are walking around the bus. Be ready to brace yourself if the bus comes to a stop.
  • Hold on to your small children when the vehicle is in motion. Don't let them stand on seats or toddle around. Be sure they are securely held in your lap at all times.  
  • If you see suspicious activity or an unattended package, tell a COAST employee or call the police immediately.  

Winter Tips

  • Use caution when moving around the bus, as floors may be slippery from melted ice or snow. 

Exiting the Bus

  • Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before moving toward the exit.
  • Hold on to the handrail as you exit. 
  • Always cross the street behind the bus. Unlike with school buses, traffic doesn't have to stop for public transit. You are most visible to other traffic when you cross behind our bus.
  • Always be aware of oncoming traffic or vehicles passing by the stopped bus. 

Winter Tips

  • As you're leaving the bus, hold onto the handrails as you exit. Step down intentionally. Look out for any ice or snow that could cause you to slip as you exit the bus.