Danielle ,

Danielle Why I Ride Winner

About Danielle

I am a single mom and a full-time student. I love to make people smile!

How has COAST made a positive impact in your life?

Because of COAST, I have been able to go to beauty school. I don't drive due to illness, but with COAST I can get around with my kids. We go out in the community every day. I also get to visit my mom.

What do you enjoy the most about riding the bus?

It’s an adventure each time you ride. I have met a lot of great people on the bus. The drivers are all amazing!

What are some of your favorite things to do while riding COAST?

I enjoy talking to people and learning new and interesting things about them. I also like to knit.

What advice would you give others about riding COAST?

Come on board and enjoy the ride! Save money and meet new people.

What was your most fun or memorable experience riding COAST?

Seeing my daughter build friendships with a lot of the drivers.