Picture of Greg, the January 2019 Why I Ride Winner

About Greg 

Greg has been using COAST to commute to work for over 10 years. He enjoys reading on his tablet and apps, and likes listening to music. On his days off, he likes to cook. 

How has COAST made a positive impact in your life?

I have found it a great way to save on gas, and when my children started working at various places in that area, they also rode COAST. That allowed them to save up for their own cars, and took pressure off Mom and Dad to get them to and from work each time.

The regular stop is located close to my home, and I can walk a short distance to where I work. While riding the bus, I enjoy listening to music, reading, and even resting after a long day at work.

What advice would you give others about riding COAST?

Be prepared, whether by arriving at the stop before the scheduled pick-up, or by having your card/fare ready to go. Everybody appreciates it when the bus is on time!