Comprehensive Operations Analysis

Looking Toward the Future

The Seacoast area is growing and changing, and so are the needs of our riders. COAST is performing a comprehensive review of our entire transit system to identify new opportunities to best serve all our communities. 

COAST is also preparing for significant funding challenges coming in the future. Please know that there are no immediate changes coming to our services. We are optimistic about working with our partners and community members to find creative solutions to these challenges.

If you feel motivated to take action, we encourage you to contact your NH senator and representatives to share how important public transit is to you and how it impacts your life. Please visit to get the contact information for your elected officials. 

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Why is a COA necessary?

Communities are always changing. This has been especially true in the 4 cities and 6 towns that make up COAST’s service area.

The places that residents, workers, and visitors want to travel to and from have changed, as well as the number of people who travel between these areas. Similarly, the days and hours that people work and shop have also changed.

After 35+ years of serving the community with an ever-evolving Public Transportation network, the time has come for COAST to reevaluate the best way to meet the region’s changing needs. As part of this process, COAST is performing a “Comprehensive Operation’s Analysis,” or “COA” to determine how service might be improved.

What will the end result be?

A Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) will help us take a thorough look at our entire system; retaining the strongest features of the network, while also identifying new opportunities to potentially better serve the region, beginning in July of 2020. The final set of services will be significantly influenced by the feedback we receive along the way.

Who is involved in the decision-making?

The COA is guided by a Steering Committee, made up of people who represent different communities and organizations across the region, who meet regularly to guide and shape the process and project.